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Once upon a time I made a decission. I said to myself: “Why not starting an Internet Marketing Business as so many others do?” No sooner said than done. From that point on I faced problem after problem and that thing was not going to stop – until today. I’m an advertising and marketing expert, supposingly internet marketing is just another but pretty close way of marketing I thought. Yes, that may be true, but it is almost not to compare, it is really a different game (with some same basics). Oh boy, I went through a hard time, nonetheless I did never quit. I learned and picked up alot (btw, I still do  it, every day) and I payed alot as well. Today I know, all of us have to go that hurdling, more or less. Friends, I could tell you stories… but let’s keep this short, as I promised you at the beginning. In the next post I’ll give you some very essential hints, exactly for those of you who need some stuff in order to avoid beginning with pretty wrong expectations.

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